Certificate Features

1 – Unique Identifier Number

It is a unique and nontransferable number. You can consult it on our website to check the authenticity of the Certificate.

2 – Two-dimensional barcode

It has unique and encrypted information from the person who made sure. Through the image of the “QR code” seal, you can verify the authenticity of the Certificate with a QR code reader and internet access.

3 – Certificate Format

The high quality image file of the certificate of approval will be available in the student area for download. The student can print it the way they want, preserving a good image quality for the certificate. Originally, the certificate print size is 21cm x 34cm. By maintaining the aspect ratio, you can vary the print size slightly without losing quality.

4 – Modules and Lessons

Course syllabus (listing of modules and classes).


Certificate Footer with

Course Name, Course Content, Student Name and ID as Registered, Company ID, Two-dimensional barcode for identification.