Teaching Methodology

With over 20 years of experience in creating online courses, Render.Tips has incorporated the concepts of Render Cursos Ltda into its teaching format, to offer an increasingly enjoyable learning experience, with all the advantages of distance learning.
Our courses facilitate learning using:
  • Concept presentations;
  • Activities to practice and do;
  • Connection to real work environment cases.

Concept Presentations

In a Render.Tips course, the student learns by watching! They are narrated, objective and practical video lessons, complemented by supporting texts, images, tips and follow-up questions.
In each class, the student realizes the ease of watching the theoretical concepts, optimizing their learning with additional resources that increase the productivity of everyday life.

Practice & Do Activities

The knowledge learned is put into practice with step-by-step exercises that can be done at home at the desired speed. At any time the student can listen and watch again the concepts that need the most attention. For each exercise are available – where applicable – the files to practice. Render suggests to its students the previous installation of the original software, consistent with the acquired course.

Connecting to real work environment cases

Render.Tips students are constantly in touch with situations related to industry or work environment, which facilitates and speeds up learning. Examples and theoretical concepts are presented in the context of practical application, making our students experience experiences that will be part of their daily lives.
Render.Tips is constantly improving and improving courses with the help of our users. Please contact us if you wish to participate with ideas or suggestions. We are in a constant learning process!

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