Sobre as Cerficações Render

Render.Tips Certification validates student and professional learning through an online test of the content of each Render Course. Achieving 70% or more of the correct answers will have your Certificate of Approval available for download in your student area.

Render.Tips Certification allows:

  • Qualify your knowledge in several areas of study;
  • Provide complementary hours of study in various educational institutions;
  • Be updated in your area of ​​expertise.


What is the Certification Test?

  • It is an online assessment, with elaborate questions about the subjects covered in the respective course;
  • If you fail, at the end of the test will be shown the subjects to be reviewed, based on the mistakes made. Render.Tips will not show the wrong questions. Failing this, the student can retake the test free of charge twice and this retest will be released in 2 hours *;
  • If you fail both attempts, you can purchase a new course if you wish.


Who can take the Certification Test?

Anyone interested in testing / qualifying their knowledge in that area of ​​the course. The acquisition of the test can be done as follows:

  • When you purchase a course with the ‘This course has Render Certification available’ stamp.

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