Render.Tips from the Brazilian company group “Render Cursos Ltda” has translated the best online course titles into 4 main languages, English, French, German and Spanish. For this translation, Amazon technology was used to translate all texts as well as the voiceover of the videos. This was one of the reasons we have such small costs for the courses.

Render.Tips Courses have as their main resource narrative, objective and practical video lessons, which are complemented with texts, images, tips, follow-up questions and certification test that is optional to do. These tools make courses easy to understand, quickly assimilate even into titles that have complex content.

Render.Tips’s audience is comprised of self-employed professionals, corporate employees, students, and people who want to improve themselves for job opportunities. With Basic to Advanced and specialized courses, they work in areas such as engineering, projects, architecture, graphic design, photography, WebDesign, 3D animation and computer introduction.

The variety of courses from basic to advanced levels, as well as the testimonials of numerous professionals approving Render.Tips courses, and the use of Render teaching materials by educational institutions, solidify the quality of Render.Tips Courses.